The Foundation

In 2001, the Teatre Principal de Maó Foundation was created to promote private and public participation in culturally oriented activities, especially those associated with the performing arts.

The Foundation is governed by its Articles of Association and by in-force legislation that applies to foundations. Its geographic scope is that of the city of Maó, although its actions extend across the island. Its recognised legal status also allows it to, for any and all legal purposes, carry out its activities both throughout the country of Spain and abroad.

The foundation’s objectives

Bodies of the foundation

The Foundation’s bodies include: the Board of Trustees, the Executive Committee and the Managing Director.

The&nbspCity Hall of Maó serves as the founding patron, as the founding institution, and the mayor holds the post of Foundation President. However, by decision of the founding patron through an agreement with the Board of Trustees, other public or private institutions or entities, private natural persons or legal entities may also be included.

The Island Council of Menorca is also an associate member of the Foundation.

The foundation’s economic resources

The&nbspCity Hall of Maó and the Island Council of Menorcaprovide the Foundation with a yearly contribution from their respective budgets. Other subventions are also received from the Balearic Islands Government and&nbspother public or private entities.

Other forms of income may stem from artistic activities, product sales or the provision of various services or activities that may be held at the facilities of the Teatre Principal.

The Foundation also receives contributions in the form of patronage from&nbspother foundations or altres fundacions.